We value our patients' experience at Integrity Chiropractic and Wellness. Here's what they have to say.

"I have been so impressed with Dr. Wade and his staff for several reasons. Not only is Dr. Wade concerned with your overall wellness with your health, he cares about your mental, spiritual, and everyday wellness. I love that he is concerned with fixing the direct problem rather than just putting a 'band-aid' over the symptoms. Trevor and Kandice make my day every time I get to come into the office. I absolutely love the positive energy that Integrity chiropractic provides, and I would recommend them to any friends or family."

-Andrea W.

"Off and on, I get muscle tightness in my shoulders, specifically on my left side. I would go to other chiropractors and they would feel better until the tightness would come back and I would need another adjustment. They never took x-rays or told me what might be causing the pain or ways to prevent it. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Spencer Wade and a little about his practice. I thought this might be what I was looking for. Until meeting with Dr. Wade, I never realized how poor posture affects so many things involving our health. Through x-rays he was able to determine the root of my problem and was able to design a treatment plan to help me. He also gave me exercises to do at home, which helps out so much. The before and after results were amazing to me. I have learned what the problem is and Dr. Wade has helped correct it and thought me things that I need to do to maintain it. I really love and appreciate his approach to chiropractic care and overall health and wellness. I would recommend Integrity Chiropractic to my friends and family."

-Chelsea C.

"After meeting Doctor Wade at church, I felt he was a very honest and trustworthy individual. After awhile, I found out he was a chiropractor and I wanted to find out if he could help me with the pain I had in my neck and lower back. I felt I could trust him and that he could help me. If I had not known Doctor Wade I may not have started treatment with  a chiropractor. I do not suffer from pain in my neck and lower back like I used to. I am also sleeping better than I have in the past. Headaches have also been reduced. Thank you Doctor Wade!"

-Gary P.

"My atlas has been a source of headaches for years. Many good chiropractors have worked with me on that problem for years. However, Dr. Wade has achieved more than any other doctor in relieving my pain due to this specific issue."

-David H.

"For many years, I have slept very poorly due to stress and poor diet. Participating in Dr. Wade's chiropractic program, and listening to his recommendations on the Paleo diet, I have dramatically improved my ability to get quality sleep. I also have experienced a change in energy levels, which have increased, and I was motivated to return to a regular exercise routine. I would recommend to anyone considering chiropractic care to seriously consider Integrity Chiropractic. I have had chiropractic care in the past, but this was a much better experience and outcome."

-Brian G. 

"I didn't realize how messed up my posture was until Integrity Chiropractic came to my work to offer free posture analysis and chair massages. I had always been curious about correcting my hunched neck so I jumped on the opportunity to see Dr. Wade and signed up for the treatment. The doc and his staff are wonderful. Within about 2-3 months I had improved my posture in my back and neck and my symmetry was right on! I was so happy with my improvement and I have learned how to continue on my own in improving and maintaining my overall posture and health."

- Sam M.

"I came to Integrity Chiropractic with noticeable chronic alignment problems in my neck and lower back. After just a month or so of regular office visits, I noticed my spine feeling more stable, aligned, and less prone to injury. My posture has been better than it has ever been in my adult life.

- Mark L.

"Dr. Wade took time at every appointment to talk to me about health, food choices, supplements vs. prescriptions, and really helped me realize that the ownness of my health was on me and it was a choice to commit to care. A choice I am very grateful for that I've made. I have definitely learned and experienced first hand how chiropractic care addresses and improves my health and prevents illness. I have people come up to me often saying that I look different, better...somehow more healthy and lighter in spirit. They ask and I share about my life changes in healthcare."

-Colleen J.

"A year ago, I was seriously considering early retirement from my profession. I had pain all the time and was looking for something (including surgery if needed) to alleviate my pain. Decided to try traction/chiropractic/massage and home exercises. It has worked in a lot of ways. 80% of my pain is gone and I am no longer feeling like I need to retire early. My wife is happier too because I don't complain constantly about my neck."

-Daren G. 

"Dr. Wade is great! Very attentive and thorough. I used to have major back pain when sitting at my desk, now I can't remember the last time I took a "pain break" at work! Thank you!"

-Emi C.

"When I first started seeing Dr. Wade, I was in constant pain. Along with this, my mental function was significantly impaired. After almost 2 months of care, I am almost entirely pain free, and my mental function is much improved. Now I can do things that 2 months ago. Thank you Dr. Wade!

-Maddison S.

"When I was in high school, I ran my first half marathon. My gym teacher said to run with your eyes looking at the ground because it makes it seem like you are going farther. Well since then, my back pain has increased and became unbearable at times. On my mission, I often switched my bag from shoulder to shoulder every 2-3 minutes because the pain was non-stop. Chiropractic visits helped but never solved the issue. I heard about Integrity Chiropractic through work and gave it a chance! I don't wake up with back pain anymore. I can run without having a sore back the next day. And sitting at work at my desk has improved a lot as well since I sit up straight. I am very grateful for the effort Dr. Wade made to help me achieve my goals physically, mentally, and with healthy eating and exercise as well. "

- Shauntelle B.

"For many years and after a number of car accidents, I had daily pain, and I thought that was the way it would always be. Dr. Wade is the only chiropractor that has ever told me he could help me not be in pain anymore. He found the root to my pain and he gave me tools to help fixmy problem. Thank you Dr. Wade from my lower back."

-Jennifer Y.

"I no longer have shoulder problems. My lower back pain is greatly diminished - I'd say by 85-90%. My neck has much greater flexibility than before. I also have a lot more energy, I'm sleeping better and my elimination (which has always been a problem) has regulated itself!"


"When I came to see Dr. Wade, I was constantly sleeping poorly, and waking up with headaches. I felt my posture was poor and struggled to feel comfortable standing up straight or being able to exercise the way I would like to. After many visits of adjustments, traction, exercises, ect. I am sleeping better, moving better, standing up straighter, and feeling positive about my progress. Thanks Dr. Wade!"

-Heather M.

"With the chiropractic care and help I've been getting with the Paleo diet, I have more stamina at work and the back pain has improved some. Plus, I have lost weight! Overall I am feeling better."

"I work in healthcare and I was coming home on a daily basis with back pain between my shoulder blades and it felt like nothing would relieve it. Since I've come in to Dr. Wade, thing's have greatly improved. I feel like I can do my job and stiff can come home without the daily pain."

-Jana O.

"Before coming here, I have gone to two other chiropractors. They were good, but within 2-3 days after, I would be in pain with my back. When I met Dr. Wade, I wasn't sure that he could do anything better with my back, but he proved me wrong. With everything he has done, I feel fabulous! I am not in pain with y back and my posture has improved. I have loved coming here and finally having the relief of my back pain which I have been dealing with for about 20 years! :)"

-Sara A.

"I got in a car accident and was experiencing headaches and neck stiffness. After four short weeks of care, all symptoms are done and I feel great! Thanks so much!"

- Christian J.

"With forward rounded shoulders, I know my posture was bad, yet even with exercises I couldn't correct the bad posture on my own. I had frequent pulled muscles in my lower right back and an uneven gait when running. I'm glad chiropractic care has fixed my forward rounded shoulders and helped reduce my lower back pain. I have more confidence now that I can stand up straight easily as my body has literally changed. I am grateful that better posture can prevent arthritis in my back as I age. I believe chiropractic care and massage is one of the keys to my good health."

- Jennifer S.

"When I first started treatment, I was in a lot of pain, had a lot of headaches, and couldn't sleep very good. As I have had done my treatment, through time, my headaches haven't been as severe or often and I can sleep most nights. I don't feel as sore as I used to be, but as I continued to do treatment, the soreness will go away. So far I have been impressed with the chiropractic care and would recommend anyone to this facility."

- Megan S.

"I have noticed several changes in myself that can be attributed to services: increased energy/mood, increased body awareness for how I walk/sit/position myself for improved posture, and a sense of well-being as well as decreased pain/muscle tension."

-Pauline J.

"When I first met Dr. Wade, I was suffering from migraine headaches and a sore neck and shoulders. After regular treatments, I noticed improvement in all areas. I then got into a car accident and had to start all over again. The staff were so understanding and helpful and most of the pain has gone away. The migraines have lessened also. I would encourage everyone to go to a chiropractor for any of these problems. They have made my life 100% better. Thanks Dr. Wade!"

-Lori G.

"After traction, my posture is much better. However, good posture is always on my mind now and it has become the norm rather than occasionally. Lower back pain is now handled though the exercises Dr. Wade gave me rather than letting it stop my life.

-Ralph C.

"Since I have been coming here, I've had fewer headaches, as I rarely get them now. My posture is slowly but surely improving. My back pain has lessened tremendously, which used to disrupt my daily activities"

-Ethan H. 

"Before beginning care with Integrity Chiropractic, I suffered from constant and significant neck pain. It affected every aspect of my day to day life - driving, exercising, working, sleeping. With the help of Dr. Wade and his staff, my posture has improved. I feel stronger and no longer experience ANY neck pain! That is miraculous considering I've been plagued by neck pain for 35+ years. I've never felt better! Thank you Integrity Chiropractic!

-Christie S.

"After my car accident, I had a constant headache, back pain, and neck pain. After Dr. Wade worked on me for 3 months, it all went away! Now I come just to stay feeling good!

- Sherri R.

"I have suffered from back pain for so many years I don't know even how long. I had no explanation for it. Since coming to Dr. Wade, I was made aware of a compression fracture in my mid back. Having an explanation and treatment for my back pain has changed my life. So grateful to have Dr. Wade and his staff!"

- Shaley D.

"I can run again with no pain! I've also noticed that hiking and my other outdoor activities are a little easier on my body since I've started intensive chiropractic care."

- Angie W.

"My chronic neck pain from a car accident is gone! Dr. Wade has helped improve my overall posture and health. Besides the chiropractic care I have received tips about nutrition, which has helped my digestive issues. The staff is very friendly. I would recommend Integrity Chiropractic and Wellness to friends and family!"

- Andrea P.

"I have been able to sleep through the night without the help of medicine and have not had more than 1 migraine since starting this chiropractic care."

-Sarah D.

"I have a job where I am sitting at a desk every day. I noticed over the last couple of years that my posture has been getting worse with forward head positioning and low back pain. After waking up in the morning, I would be stiff and sore. While doing physical activity, my low back would bother me. After being treated by Dr. Wade for only a couple weeks, I have noticed a big difference. I have adjusted the way I sit at my desk and am conscience about my posture. My symptoms are now gone! I will continue to see Dr. Wade to improve my posture to prevent damage in the future"

-Eric P.

"I have been healthier and have had less pain everywhere. Since the first time coming I have lost 25 pounds and feel good all around. I am also sleeping better."

-Meg C

"I've been able to do more of what I love with a whole lot less pain. Before coming here, I could only hike a couple of miles before my back would start hurting really bad but since coming, I have been able to hike way more and and a lot longer without pain. I'm learning to have better posture so I can sit and stand more comfortably and not be in pain."

-Kayla V.

"I came to Integrity because of months of soreness and pain in my neck and back. Because of the x-rays, adjustments, traction, tools, exercises, and education Dr. Wade provided -  I feel like I'm in control of my particular/individual physical challenges and through a better diet, nutritional supplements, and a new exercise routine, I have been empowered to be the positive difference I'm in need of." 


"I feel better in general. I use less medication and not often. I feel like I digest food easier. I have been falling asleep faster and deeper. I wake up happier. I stand, sit and walk straighter."

-Lisa L.

"I can now turn my head to look behind me to a much wider angle. My colitis is improved. I took Imodium AD for the amounts of diarrhea and used to take 1/2 pill every other day. I am now down to 1/4 pill about every two days."

-Ruth J.

"Came in to just get my back checked since I had a bad back since I was younger. Back doctors said it was from genetics and lock of core strength, and I lived with it for a long time. Came in here and found a root problem of some fractured discs causing kyphosis. I have noticed a difference in my posture and so has my family. I am now more aware of my posture  and feel like it is easier to participate in physical activities without worrying as much about my back. My back feels much better!"

-Shad W.

"If I see Dr. Wade regularly, he is able to prevent recurrence of my trigeminal neuralgia. Further, my back and neck feel less in pain in general. Dr. Wade takes a genuine interest in my health and is willing to teach me about nutrition and structural health."

-Summer S.

"Receiving care at Integrity Chiropractic has relieved me from my daily headaches caused from tension throughout my neck and shoulders."

-Sheena P.

"The chronic pain in my neck has greatly improved. I notice much better posture when sitting, standing, and walking. The pain in my arm to wrist is gone. There is also a decrease in anxiety level."

-Kathy K. 

"Way less stiffness in lower back and top of the neck. I think that my sleep is much better and even though my eating habits and exercise aren't the best, my energy overall is much better along with mobility. Everyone here are positive and intuitive to the patients needs. I know that I need to work harder on a personal level. Dr. Wade does a great job at painting things out in a positive way. Discipline is an important factor"

-Lee G. 

"Dr. wade fixed me the 1st time, then after being rear-ended I immediately came back for an exam. I had pain in my neck, back, arms, hips, knees, and ankles from the accident. I feel so much better now and only experience mild pain in my right knee. Also, because Dr. Wade took x-rays before and after the accident I was able to get most of my care at no charge to me." 

-Kylie S. 

"In the three or four weeks I've been coming, the level of discomfort and soreness in my lower back has decreased. Some of the activities that used to cause pain are much less likely to do so. I feel like I can engage in increased activity with less worry."

-Dan L. 

"The severity of damage to my neck due to accidents has left a barrage of migraines. Since my treatment started and has continued I've noticed a remarkable lessening of migraines in both pain and severity. Some day through continued care and treatment with this office I hope to never suffer from migraines again!" 

-Shonn R. 

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